About Buckley Ousey

From ‘Bygone Stalybridge’ by Samuel Hill, 1907:


Buckley Ousey was born in Castle Street, Stalybridge,
in the year 1851, his father, who died a few weeks
before our subject came into the world, being
a clerk at Castle Street Mills. Whilst the future
artist was a child, his mother also passed away, and the
lad was from that time resident with his aunt, Mrs.
Whitehead, in King Street.

He commenced work early at the mills of Albert Hall,
Esq., and remained there up to their closing, when he
found employment at the North End Mills, using his
spare time in sketching, drawing, and painting. His
artistic career was a continued struggle against adverse
circumstances, until within a short period of his death.
On one occasion a number of local gentlemen sent him
to North Wales to paint, and later still a Bolton admirer
undertook to assist him, sending him to Antwerp, where
he pursued a course of study. Then it was that success
at last appeared certain, and his work began to find
ready purchasers ; commissions poured in, but another
fact asserted itself, for it became apparent that a fatal
disease existed in his frame. At the tim.e of his death,
4th February, 1889, he had unexecuted commissions
which would have yielded a large sum of money. He
left a widow and eight children. In ^larch, 1890, an
exhibition of paintings, etc., chiefly by Mr. Ousey, for
the benefit of his widow and family, was opened by the
then Mayor, Alderman J. Ridyard, in the Stalybridge
Town Hall, which realised a very acceptable sum.

Buckley Ousey was buried at Conway, North Wales,
and was followed to his last resting place by a large
number of his brother members of the Royal Cambrian
Academy of Water Colour Artists.”

8 Replies to “About Buckley Ousey”

  1. Dianne Ousey Hathaway says:

    Buckley Ousey was my great grandfather, his son John Percival Ousey my grandfather, Stanley Ousey my father…. would be wonderful to contact other Ouseys who are interested in Buckleys work.

    1. Admin says:

      I’d be happy to help with that. Are you already in contact with any? If you look in the ‘Recent Comments’ section of this site you will see some comments from other Ouseys. I also had contact from a Mrs Flowers who said that Buckley was brought up by her family – she seemed very interested in his work.

  2. Ann Newton Byers says:

    I have searched for quite awhile to find information on Buckley Ousey.I am also related somehow to him.My grandfather Mark Newton came to Massassuttes from Slaleybridge.His daughter Alice Ousey was my fathers sister.My brother Mark has a painting from Ousey and I was luckey enough to find another painting that a man found.I was in England in 1971 and I stayed with my aunt Dorothy Flowers who was working on the genology of our family,she sent it to me a few yrs later and was all hand written(didn’t have internent then) so it had to be a long process to have the wealth of info that she did.My brother in Seattle has her family tree that our family needs to fill in(Newton) I know that the Whiteheads are related to me.Do you know if Dorothy is still alive? She has a daughter Catherine who was an Opera singer
    Ann Newton Byers

    1. Kate (Katherine) Flowers says:

      Hi Ann,
      I have only just found this site and read your message.

      I am so sorry to have to tell you that my mother, Dorothy Flowers, died recently – on September 4th 2017 – she was 93.

      I do not have your address, or indeed those of any of our relatives who emigrated at the same time as “cousin Mark” (as my mum called your grandfather), so I have not been able let any of them know of her death,I am so sorry x

      Please drop me an email so we can catch up on the last 40 some years since we met xx I am sure that the Admin here will let you have my email address x

      Kate x

  3. Admin says:

    Hi Ann, thanks for getting in touch. I heard from Dorothy by letter last year and I had an email from Catherine. It is my intention to get in touch with Dorothy again as I would love to see the work she has done on Ousey. Keep in touch,

  4. Mary Ellen Daly ( Ousey) Halvorsen says:

    I am a granddaughter of Buckley Ousey. I am a daughter of John Percival Ousey .
    It was exciting to come across this information. My father John would tell me
    stories of his life Conway, Wales.

  5. Admin says:

    Hi Mary, thank you for getting in touch. I am glad you found the website interesting. If you have any stories about Buckley Ousey it would be lovely to read them and if possible share them on this website. Regards, Rob.

  6. Kate (Katherine) Flowers says:

    I have just discovered this site, sadly too late in some respects.
    My mother Dorothy Flowers died recently, on September 4th 2017 and I am in the process of sorting out all her effects. I have to say it is a mammoth task mainly because of the vast amount of research material on Buckley Ousey.
    It is a huge responsibility. It represents decades of detailed and dedicated work of which my mother was quite rightly proud. And I want to make sure, for my mother’s sake, that it finds a suitable home. She asked that it should be offered to Tameside Local Studies, however I have not had chance to contact them yet.
    Perhaps you could email me – I need some advice.
    Thank you so much.

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