Penmorfa Disected

Quoted from the archive of the Three Towns’ Forum:

“It’s at times like this like Ivor Wynne Jones’ excellent book Llandudno: Queen of the Welsh Resorts comes in handy! On page 104, there’s an early sketch of Penmorfa, which clearly shows that the original house was just the narrow portion with the turret and chimney. Interestingly, it also says that Penmorfa “is an amalgamation of five distinct properties”. The half-timbered section to the right of the original house was “built in the 1920s to form a link to what were originally a pair of semi-detached houses called Belorme and Berthddu”.”

So the five distinct properties must have been the original Penmorfa, the two cottages, and then the restaurant extension on the left and finally the extension that joined the cottages to the original Penmorfa.