Gogarth Abbey Pen

Gogarth Abbey Pen

Gogarth Abbey Pen

There used to be a supply of these kept on the reception desk for vistors to use & keep.

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New Addition to our Gogarth Abbey Hotel Memorabilia Collection

Original cutlery from the hotel stamped with ‘Gogarth Abbey Hotel’.

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Article on Buckley Ousey

Here is a link to an article on Buckley Ousey which appeared in the Daily Post last week, complete with picture of Buckley Ousey:

Daily Post Buckley Ousey Article

Thanks to Penmorfa Paintings follower Paul for letting me know about this.

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Walrus & Carpenter Postcard

This postcard shows the painting of the Walrus and the Carpenter above the fireplace in the entrance lounge at Gogarth Abbey; it later years it was displayed in the dining room. The card is postmarked 31 August 1911.

Note the absence of oak panelling on the walls adjacent to the fireplace, and also therefore of the paintings set into the oak panels, they must have been added after 1911, at least in this area (I seem to remember when disassembling the panels from here they were of slightly different construction compared to the area nearer the dining room).

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Alice in Wonderland – “additional chapter recently discovered at the Gogarth Abbey Hotel, Llandudno…”

“…where part of Lewis Carroll’s immortal children’s books were written”.

Here we have an unusual booklet probably published by the Gogarth Abbey Hotel in the mid twentieth century. It is a charming attempt at tempting visitors to stay at the hotel whilst also reinforcing the Alice in Wonderland link.

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Original Gogarth Abbey Toast Rack

Another fine piece of Gogarth Abbey memorabilia just added to our collection – this time a silver toast rack which we have been informed probably dates from the 1930s/1940s. It is stamped Gogarth Abbey and was probably smuggled out in a suitcase by a holidaymaker. Click the image to enlarge.

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The Lounge at Gogarth Abbey Hotel

A recent eBay find – a postcard of the lounge at the Gogarth Abbey Hotel. The date on the reverse is hard to read but its from about a hundred years ago. Some of the Ousey pictures can be seen mounted in their oak panels on the walls. Click the image to view.

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The Walrus and the Carpenter by Robert Fowler RI

This painting will be familiar to anyone who visited Penmorfa – Gogarth Abbey Hotel – over the years. It is now in our possession, albeit in need of refurbishment, and hopefully during the refurbishment process we can have it copied so that prints will be available from our online shop.

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Penmorfa Disected

Quoted from the archive of the Three Towns’ Forum:

“It’s at times like this like Ivor Wynne Jones’ excellent book Llandudno: Queen of the Welsh Resorts comes in handy! On page 104, there’s an early sketch of Penmorfa, which clearly shows that the original house was just the narrow portion with the turret and chimney. Interestingly, it also says that Penmorfa “is an amalgamation of five distinct properties”. The half-timbered section to the right of the original house was “built in the 1920s to form a link to what were originally a pair of semi-detached houses called Belorme and Berthddu”.”

So the five distinct properties must have been the original Penmorfa, the two cottages, and then the restaurant extension on the left and finally the extension that joined the cottages to the original Penmorfa.

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Where is your Gallery?

At the moment there isn’t one. This is partly for want of a suitable location with secure premises, but mainly because the paintings themselves need renovating and preserving before they can be displayed.

Don’t lose hope though, the ultimate aim is to get all of these paintings on display, hopefully in Llandudno and in much the same way as they were presented at Gogarth Abbey Hotel, Penmorfa, in Llandudno.

We’ll keep you posted on progress…in the meantime we hope you enjoy our virtual gallery.

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